Commercial Real Estate Decisions at the Speed of Thought

Custom-Designed AI for the Commercial Real Estate Industry

Avoid and Recover Overbilling

Eliminate billing disconnects with AI that reads and identifies contractual terms.

Natural Language Prompts

Users prompted with opportunities and ideas vs. pull-based reporting.

Discover New Insights

Inquiry from previously impractical data sources and AI discovery of data patterns.

The Problem:

Navigating commercial real estate contractual documents is manual, slow, and prone to error.

Tenant overbilling is 15%-20% overstated.

Abstraction of key terms takes days and is costly.

A small subset of contract terms and facts are analyzed at scale.


Of problematic language gets missed
in lease drafting.



Of CRE companies utilize real-time business intelligence and analytics.



Of white-collar work is spent searching for, finding, and assessing unstructured data.

- Gartner

The Aix Difference


Purpose-built AI models with a deep understanding of the complexities of the commercial real estate industry.


Designed from the ground up with NIST-level security standards.  Give your staff the power of AI, knowing your proprietary information is safe.

Customer Centric

You know your business. We create easy to use technology for you to innovate with. Whether you want to summarize, extrapolate, or discover data patterns, we help you transact at the speed of thought.

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“The future of AI is smaller specialist models that are faster and cheaper on specific datasets, not large generalist models.”

– A. Ratner & Google Research